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A Concentrated Approachwithin a Global Universe

Polen Global Growth

Within our Global Growth strategy, we employ the Polen Capital investment philosophy to invest around the world without the constraints of international borders. Our mission is to invest in an elite of 25 – 40 high quality growth businesses we can buy and hold to preserve and grow our clients’ wealth over time. To maintain a high bar, we use the same investment criteria for every investment candidate across regions of the world, industries and market cycles. While investment themes and styles may come and go, our core belief is that quality prevails through uncertain markets and over time. For this reason, we limit our opportunity set to those businesses we expect to hold for at least five years. With this selective approach, we build a portfolio of durable growth businesses to achieve double-digit compound earnings growth at rational valuations.

The Polen Global Growth strategy is managed by Damon Ficklin and Jeff Mueller. The Global Growth strategy is available through Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs), UCITS and Mutual Funds.

Managing Risk

Globalization, we believe, has steadily reduced the benefits of diversification. Our Margin of Safety comes from the quality of businesses we own and their potential for absolute returns. We build an investment portfolio of businesses to withstand market volatility. Downturns are typically more opportunity than threat for the businesses we select for our clients’ portfolio.

We seek to reduce risk by investing in fewer, higher quality businesses over longer periods of time. Patience, we believe, may be one of our greatest assets.

  • Strong bias to leading, large cap and multi-national businesses with financial strength
  • Valuation discipline, based on expected absolute return
  • No state-owned or state controlled enterprises. No high risk domiciles
  • Limits to country and industry exposure

What Sets Us Apart

Stock markets don’t create wealth; durable growth businesses do - Damon Ficklin , Portfolio Manager & Analyst
  • Partnership culture: our firm’s success will follow our clients’ success
  • Proven investment philosophy
  • Consistent investment criteria and valuation discipline
  • Long-term investment horizon
  • Exclusive focus on high quality growth investing

We don't trade stocks—we buy businesses.

Damon Ficklin   |   Portfolio Manager & Analyst

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