Polen Perspectives: Opportunity Beyond Borders

Watch as Daniel Fields, Polen International Growth Portfolio Manager, shares perspectives on the equity investment opportunities Polen Capital sees around the globe.

In this mid-year webinar, Polen International Growth Portfolio Manager Daniel Fields shares his thoughts on tailwinds he thinks will support international growth, often-overlooked unique businesses outside of the U.S., and trends to watch for in 2023 and beyond.

Webinar Q&A Highlights

  • Opening remarks (0:14)
  • Polen’s international growth philosophy and fundamental research process (1:22)
  • Challenges facing international markets over the past decade (2:50)
  • Why we believe international markets are poised for sustained growth in the years ahead (3:27)
  • Debunking the misperception that international businesses are of  lower quality (6:05)
  • How inflation has impacted different regions globally (9:10)
  • Example of how companies like Mercado Libre in Argentina have thrived despite significant inflation and political crisis (10:48)
  • Polen international growth portfolio company examples that illustrate our convictions (12:17)

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  • Is it possible to find high-quality businesses in emerging markets? (17:10)
  • Compelling European-based companies that operate in emerging markets (18:43)
  • Drivers impacting the exposure of the portfolio to different geographic markets (21:03)
  • Companies like ICON that Polen owns in Europe that benefit from global, secular trends (24:13)
  • Does onshoring and nearshoring impact Polen’s portfolio? (27:44)
  • Global companies that we think are well-positioned to capitalize on AI trends (30:12)
  • How would Polen’s portfolio perform in an economic recession? (33:11)
  • Closing (34:39)


Our aim is to create a portfolio of roughly 20 to 30 of the highest-quality, most competitively advantaged companies that we can find outside the United States.

—Daniel Fields, Polen International Growth Portfolio Manager

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