Polen Perspectives Webinar: Beyond the Noise

Watch as Dan Davidowitz & David Breazzano share perspectives on today’s market backdrop, historical performance & positioning for the long term

Rising rates and inflation, combined with recessionary concerns, have prompted a shift in capital market assumptions and, for many investors, a re-think of their asset allocation. Drawing from their combined 65 years of investment experience, Polen Focus Growth portfolio manager Dan Davidowitz and head of Polen’s U.S. High Yield team David Breazzano put the confluence of market forces facing investors today into perspectives and offer their outlook heading into 2023.

Webinar Q&A Highlights

  • Opening introduction (0:29)
  • Data visualization of traditional 60/40 portfolio performance during drawdowns (1:51)
  • Headwinds impacting the earnings potential of Polen Focus Growth Portfolio companies (4:45)
  • How has market dislocation & noise created opportunities for Polen U.S. High Yield? (7:47)
  • Observations on fixed income risks & yield potential in rising rate environments (9:18)
  • For equities, why do we continue to have high conviction in secular growth companies? (11:30)

The dislocation we’ve experienced in the last 12+ months provides an active manager with a real opportunity to create some value.

—David Breazzano, head of Polen’s High Yield Team

  • Historical perspective on the 2008 equities drawdown & why we think today’s different (14:26)
  • How does recession pressure factor into company selection for Polen Focus Growth? (20:48)
  • Thoughts on if our concentration in U.S. High Yield will help during a recessionary environment (23:32)
  • Building the case for investing in large company growth equities over the long term (28:54)
  • Does active management in credit offer potential advantages over broader fixed income? (33:22)
  • Examples of what we consider “safety-like” companies in the Polen Focus Growth Portfolio (35:07)
  • What roles do private equity & company debt play in the high yield space for Polen? (40:36)
  • How research & fundamentals help Polen separate stories from facts to cut though the noise (42:19)
  • Closing remarks (46:18)

To date, we haven’t seen really anything that’s shaken our confidence in the competitive advantages of our companies.

—Dan Davidowitz, Polen Focus Growth portfolio manager

Important Disclosures
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Watch as Polen Focus Growth portfolio manager Dan Davidowitz hosts an engaging & timely conversation on market opportunities & challenges