Polen Perspectives: How Successful Digital Transformation Can Drive Sustainable Growth

Post-Event Webinar Materials

Watch our latest Polen Perspectives webinar where members of our Small Company Growth Team define digital transformation across today’s investment landscape. They cite ways in which they believe it can improve traditional business models, create greater connectivity to customers, and ultimately help drive sustainable earnings growth. An they also share examples of companies they believe are effectively implementing digital transformation in innovative ways and discuss why, in our opinion, these companies have the potential to grow through various capital market and economic environments.

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Q&A Highlights

  • Introduction and welcome (0:38)
  • What is digital transformation and why is it so relevant today? (2:25)
  • Our views on the affects of digital transformation on traditional growth or value constructs. (3:53)
  • Digital transformation has been occurring for years – what do we think is interesting about the opportunity today? (5:38)
  • Outside of traditional sectors that leverage technology, which areas of the market are we seeing digital transformation make the largest impact? (7:04)
  • Are there any company examples where we view digital transformation driving change and creating interesting investment opportunities? (8:50)
  • Goosehead Insurance case study (9:45)
  • Duck Creek Technologies case study (12:35)
  • Do digital upgrade cycles in the insurance industry affect the timing of the opportunity for Goosehead? (15:09)
  • How has the digital transformation dynamic changed between large and small companies in our experience? (17:34)
  • In the small company space, how does the team view valuations with respect to digital and other opportunities for change? (19:12)
  • How risk, at both the digital transformation level and more broadly, impacts how we analyze individual companies. (22:08)
  • For companies undergoing digital transformation, what do we think success looks like in terms of long-term growth potential? (23:44)
  • What we think digital transformation means to companies from an ESG (environmental, social, governance) perspective. (27:16)
  • Key takeaways and closing remarks (29:47)

Read our thought piece on Digital Transformation →

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