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Polen Capital Offerings for LPL Advisors

Your focus is on taking care of your clients and supporting their vision of financial independence. At Polen Capital, we want to help you achieve that. Our firm’s mission is to preserve and grow client assets to protect their present and enable their future. We serve our equity investors by providing concentrated portfolios of what we believe to be the highest-quality companies in the world.

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Large & Small Company Growth Strategies

U.S. Equity, Large Cap

Polen Focus Growth

Number of holdings: 20-30

Global Equity, Large Cap

Polen Global Growth

Number of holdings: 25-35

International Equity, Large Cap

Polen International Growth

Number of holdings: 25-35

U.S. Equity, Small Cap

Polen U.S. Small Company Growth

Number of holdings: 25-45

Our Equity Investment Philosophy

We invest in companies that our rigorous, bottom-up research indicates have sustainable competitive advantages, superior financial strength, proven management teams, and powerful products or services.

In our view, consistent earnings growth is the primary driver of intrinsic value and long-term stock appreciation. Accordingly, our efforts focus on identifying and then building concentrated portfolios of companies we believe can deliver sustainable, above-average earnings growth over the long term.

  • Concentrated Portfolio: High Active Share + Best Ideas
  • Risk Management: Durable Business + Sustainable Competitive Advantage
  • Hold Period: Long-Term Time Arbitrage
  • Outcome Orientation: Absolute Return Mentality

We are committed to pursuing a high conviction strategy designed to add value and grow the assets of our clients over the long-term.

—Damon Ficklin, Head of Team, Portfolio Manager & Analyst

Polen’s Time-Tested Approach

We have fine-tuned our stock selection process over more than three decades. We conduct in-depth research and apply stringent guardrails to promote objective screening and monitoring. Our efforts are centered around identifying and keeping only what we see as the best ideas – companies that demonstrate competitive advantages and sustainable growth potential across long time horizons.

Latest Perspectives & News

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