Beyond Fundamentals: On the Road Across Emerging Markets

How traveling the globe to meet companies & customers can help uncover sources of competitive advantage

Video Transcript

Why We Travel

At Polen Capital, we see ourselves as long-term business owners, not just owners of pieces of paper that trade on stock exchanges. We believe it’s crucial to travel and see our companies on the ground – to meet their management, customers, and employees and to understand the unique environment in which they operate. Coming out of the pandemic, we’ve been able to get back on the road again. In recent months, we’ve traveled to countries across four continents.

What We Observe

A highlight of our recent trip to Vietnam was our meeting with Mobile World. It is the country’s leading mobile retailer and has recently expanded into the supermarket business. To understand Mobile World’s right to win in this space, we met with its CEO and visited its largest competitor. We conducted multiple store visits across Mobile World’s supermarket chain and went to the wet markets, which remain the dominant form of grocery retailing in Vietnam and, thus, the key competitive threat the company will need to overcome to make its supermarket business successful. We came away from the trip with confidence in Mobile World’s potential to lead the development of formalized grocery shopping in Vietnam.

Our visit to WEG Industries was another positive experience of our recent travels. WEG is located around 500 km south of São Paolo in a city called Jaraguá do Sul. It’s home to WEG’s original factory and today is one of the world’s largest motor plants. The company employs around 10% of the city’s population. Often, multiple generations of a family work there. Our on-the-ground meeting and site visit helped deepen our understanding of why scale and culture are such long-term competitive advantages for this business.

It has been fantastic to be able to travel again, practicing the nuts and bolts of investing in emerging markets. It has been comforting to see that the day-to-day activity in emerging markets is as dynamic and vibrant as it’s ever been.

As we look forward, we remain incredibly excited about some of the long-term investment opportunities available in emerging markets today.

—Damian Bird, CFA
Head of Team, Emerging Markets Growth

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