Citywire Due Diligence Report: High Yield 2023 Roundtable

Watch John Sherman, portfolio manager on Polen’s High Yield Team, share his outlook on the credit market & how he seeks to capitalize on its inefficiencies

Polen Capital’s John Sherman joined Citywire for an in-depth discussion of the high yield market, offering his perspective on spreads, defaults, and liquidity. He explains how the high yield space has evolved and how the Polen approach seeks to take advantage of the compelling investment opportunities available.

We’ve always viewed bonds and loans as one asset class. We like our analysts to look across both spaces to find opportunities.

—John Sherman, Portfolio Manager, U.S. High Yield


Panel Discussion Highlights

  • Structural changes: why we believe the high yield space, especially with its recent increase in higher-rated securities, is so attractive (7:20)
  • Fallen angels: what history leads us to expect during a recessionary environment (8:41)
  • Bank loans: why the combination of elevated absolute yields, the potential for price appreciation, and observed recovery rates improve the risk/reward profile for loans, in our view (15:40)
  • Liquidity trends: the impact of collateralized loan obligations (CLOs) on market liquidity (18:45)
  • Market inefficiencies: why we focus on the middle market and take a unified approach toward bonds & loans (26:02)
  • Active mindset: the three keys for an active, buy-and-hold investor in high yield (36:39)

Important Disclosures
Please note that this document is a condensed summary of the full roundtable interview conducted by Citywire.

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Active Management: an approach to investing where an investor, a professional money manager, or a team of professionals is tracking the performance of an investment portfolio and making buy, hold, and sell decisions about the assets in it.