Citywire Podcast: Embracing a Growth Mindset to Become a Better Investor

Dan Davidowitz offers a candid, personal view of how the most profound learning opportunities can come from mistakes

Podcast Highlights

Success lies in failure. While mistakes can be painful in the moment, they can also open the door to growth and higher levels of achievement. In an episode of Citywire’s Mistakes Were Made podcast, Polen Focus Growth Portfolio Manager Dan Davidowitz reflects on how this truth has manifested over his career as an investor and what he has learned along the way.

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  • Davidowitz describes the different stages of his career – from starting in healthcare, to becoming a value investor during the tech bubble, to ultimately finding his true purpose as a growth investor seeking companies that can compound over long periods.
  • When asked for examples of past failures, Davidowitz shares how he once struggled to transition from a value-oriented approach to the mindset needed to run a concentrated growth portfolio. He had to re-wire his thinking to fully understand the power of compounding, a lesson driven home by a premature sell recommendation he made on Nike during the early days of his career with Polen.
  • Another lesson Davidowitz has learned is the importance of sticking to your discipline, even when it may feel exciting to expand beyond your circle of competence to areas that are new and different. It’s easy for investors to quickly “get over their skis” with businesses they don’t fundamentally understand.
  • Many investors talk about the need to shed personal biases when making portfolio decisions, but it’s easier said than done. Davidowitz describes the Polen approach and the value of getting a “fresh pair of eyes” on a company.

Sometimes even highly experienced professional investors don’t understand the power of compounding.

—Dan Davidowitz, Portfolio Manager & Analyst

Listen to the full Citywire Mistakes Were Made podcast here →

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