Forbes: Finding Growth & Managing Risk with High Quality Small Caps

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SHOOKtalks turned to Polen Capital’s Tucker Walsh, Head of Team & Portfolio Manager for the U.S. Small Company Growth strategy, to gain insight finding sustainable growth and managing market risk in the small-cap space. The discussion was moderated by Raj Pathak, Managing Director and Wealth Advisor with The Pathak Group at Morgan Stanley in Boston, and featured prominently in Forbes.

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  • Small cap stocks get a bad rap. Critics say they have too much volatility and pose too much risk. But with the proper approach, small cap stocks seek to offer growth and add diversity to a portfolio. The challenge is finding the right stocks and managing the risk.
  • Tucker leads Polen’s Small Company Growth Team who culls 2,000 small cap companies for potential investments. The team ultimately seeks to own what they think are 30 of the best companies that will weather the tough times.
  • Some companies may seem expensive by today’s valuations, but Tucker and the team believe digital scale allows certain companies to potentially grow faster for much longer, which justifies the valuation.

We look for companies that have presented a combination of strong revenue growth and margins and have generated strong cash.

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Important Disclosures
Please note that this document is a condensed summary of the full interview conducted by Forbes. There is no guarantee that the investments selected will perform as expected. Some holdings may lose value.