Quality Investing Across a Global Opportunity Set

Canvassing the world in pursuit of businesses with durable, profitable growth

The world is a big place, with approximately 50,000 publicly traded companies. At Polen Capital, we’re not trying to understand all of them. We seek only the best of the best.

We do this by applying our proven investment philosophy. We know that we can find great companies in a variety of geographies and industries, and we take our investable universe of about 8,000 companies and narrow it to approximately 500 by applying our five guardrails.

Polen Capital's Investment Guardrails

Our guardrails allow us to stay focused on great companies that we believe are competitively advantaged and have long runways for profitable growth for the foreseeable future. They also help us avoid getting distracted by fads or economic cycles. We want to focus exclusively on companies where the odds are in our favor and where we believe we can generate great returns for a long time.

When we apply the guardrails and exclude the industries that we find unattractive, we get a more manageable list that allows our team to do what they do best. We have a collaborative and talented group of investment professionals that can go deep. We study structural and secular elements of these businesses, talk to management, and assess the market and competitive dynamics. And importantly, we’re constructively paranoid about the risks and uncertainties that exist for any great company.

At the end of the day, we’re putting our investors’ capital and our own at risk. So, we want to make sure we understand why the quality of our investments is not just present, but durable. We want to own our companies for five years or more, so we conduct our due diligence with that mindset.

We believe that in today’s environment, it’s possible to find wonderful companies at wonderful prices. The great reset of 2022 has afforded us an opportunity to look at these same great businesses at attractive valuations. Our pipeline of ideas has rarely been this good, and we’re excited about it.

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