The Power of High-Quality Growth Investing in Emerging Markets

A disciplined application of Polen’s active, concentrated investment approach & a willingness to be different underpin our emerging markets strategy

Polen Global Emerging Markets Growth Strategy

At Polen Capital, our Global Emerging Markets Growth Strategy follows a clear philosophy. We invest in concentrated portfolios of high-quality businesses that we believe can compound earnings and cash flows at high rates of return. In addition, we see ourselves as business owners, seeking to invest with a long-term horizon and independent mindset.

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Consistency Through Varying Markets

Our strategy follows the same time-tested approach as other Polen Capital strategies. This approach has historically generated positive returns, as shown by the 33-year track record of our flagship Focus Growth strategy. This paper will take a closer look at each of the four key tenets of our philosophy and explain why we view them as highly applicable to some of the fastest-growing countries in the world.

4 Key Investment Tenets

  1. Invest in high-quality growth companies
  2. Build concentrated portfolios
  3. Maintain a long-term investment horizon
  4. Employ an independent mindset

We believe that the portfolio’s performance will track the fundamentals of our underlying holdings over time—even if, in the near term, the two could become temporarily dislocated. We expect our companies to deliver mid to high teens earnings growth on an annualized basis, and given our focus on high-quality companies, we also anticipate the portfolio to exhibit a robust downside capture ratio over time.

Over time, we believe that the portfolio’s performance will track the fundamentals of our underlying holdings.

—Damian Bird, Head of Team, Portfolio Manager & Analyst

Just as our flagship strategy has delivered favorable returns for clients over the last 33 years, we feel confident that a disciplined intelligent application of our investment approach and a willingness to be different have the potential to yield positive results for clients in our emerging markets strategy as well.

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