Podcast: Navigating International Markets & Valuation with a Long-Term Lens

Daniel Fields talks growth investing internationally, navigating China, the role of valuation & the macro in the research process

Podcast Highlights

For its episode on “The Secret to Finding the World’s Best High Growth Stocks”, Stansberry Investor Hour turned to Polen Capital’s Daniel Fields, Portfolio Manager & Analyst of the International Growth strategy. Fields talks growth investing internationally, navigating China, the role of valuation and the macro in the research process, and why he thinks focusing on one or two big ideas is better than chasing the “hot dot.”

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  • Fields’ time living in Hong Kong provided invaluable opportunities to dig into the intricacies and nuances of how businesses in China and across Asia operate. He applies this knowledge within the framework of the Polen Capital investment approach.
  • Regarding China, he believes it remains a thriving market economy with an entrepreneurial and capitalistic spirit where competition is cutthroat. At the same time, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is trying to walk a fine line between regulating the economy and businesses in line with their priorities while reaping the benefits of a free economy. He explains more about why he thinks we’re seeing more brazen policy-making coming from the CCP.
  • When it comes to valuation, Fields believes it’s the last step in the investment process and highlights a portfolio example: semiconductor manufacturer ASML Holding and its current valuation. Looking longer-term and in the context of expected earnings growth, valuations appear inexpensive. This example showcases the importance of understanding the business and its growth trajectory first.
  • He also describes that Polen’s Large Company Growth Team considers the macro environment within their process, but it is not the primary focus of their research. Within the context of bottom-up, long-term investing, the Team stresses the importance of finding robust, globally diversified companies that can transcend macro issues over time.
  • He closes with a final thought citing Charlie Munger, “…too many investors feel like they need to know everything and understand everything, and they’re therefore always chasing the hot dot.” Fields believes deeply understanding one or two big ideas over a long timeframe can help to simplify the noise of investing internationally.

When you extend your time horizon, you’re able to simplify things to focus on the big, long-term ideas.

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