Polen Perspectives Webinar: Real Talk About Interest Rates & Inflation

Watch as our panel gets real about interest rates & inflation, sharing perspective on how to navigate periods of heightened equity volatility

Rising interest rates and higher inflation have continued to cast a cloud of uncertainty over the equity market for many investors. With volatility back in the limelight, all of Polen Capital’s investment teams look closely at what opportunities we see in this environment.

Key Themes

  •  Our views on the current economic backdrop and what the future might look like
  • The historical relationship between inflation, interest rates, and equity markets
  • Why we believe investing in high-quality growth stocks may be the best hedge against inflation
  • Examples of companies we think can thrive during different macroeconomic scenarios


Webinar Highlights

  • Opening remarks & introduction (0:08)
  • Historical context for U.S. inflation levels & the impact of recent COVID policies (3:10)
  • How might investors reconcile higher inflation with prospects for higher interest rates? (8:51)
  • Polen’s perspective on rising interest rates & inflation, along with the potential effect of secular trends (10:44)
  • How could macroeconomic forces impact equity markets & the underlying value of businesses? (14:48)
  • Insights into the relationship between inflation & cash flows, margins & balance sheets of companies (20:43)
  • From Polen’s point of view, which types of businesses are best positioned in this environment? (26:02)
  • Examples of high-quality growth stocks Polen holds in its portfolios across the cap spectrum (33:06)
  • How might equity investors prepare for a period of structurally higher rates & prolonged inflation? (40:05)
  • Lessons learned from other global economies where inflation has been historically volatile & high (41:38)
  • In Polen’s view, how do geopolitical factors contribute to inflationary pressures? (43:00)
  • Closing remarks & final thoughts (44:10)

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We believe the high-quality, competitively advantaged businesses we own can survive & thrive in any economic environment.

—Pamela Macedo, CFA & Research Analyst

Important Disclosures
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