Polen Perspectives Webinar: Seeking Growth Across the Globe

Watch as our panelists explore which powerful trends & themes could present investors with a new wave of secular growth opportunities

The investment landscape today is vastly different from that of the last decade. At Polen Capital, we believe that the new decade will bring forward different risks and challenges for investors. Yet, powerful trends present investors with a new wave of secular growth opportunities. Understanding what could be tomorrow’s biggest transformational themes will be crucial to navigating the new environment successfully.

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Key Themes

  • Major investment trends that have been brought forward
  • Secular growth opportunities across different markets
  • How to potentially capitalize on disruption, innovation, and change
  • Why not all growth opportunities are created equal
  • Harnessing the power of transformation in investment portfolios

Webinar Highlights

  • Opening remarks & introduction (0:03)
  • Managing domestic vs. global equities – thoughts on differences, client opportunities & potential challenges (1:33)
  • What does a “global” approach to small- & mid-cap investing bring to our Polen portfolios? (3:49)
  • Changes to the investment landscape, accelerations in themes & structural impacts we see from the global pandemic (6:17)
  • How do global events like war & inflation that create short-term volatility influence Polen’s long-term thinking? (10:11)
  • What we see as the most compelling investment opportunities right now & also in the next 5-10 years (14:04)
  • Polen’s ability to identify disruptors based on our investment philosophy, research process & team dynamic (19:48)
  • Is it more difficult in the current environment to find what we believe is long-term, sustainable global growth? (23:04)
  • Interesting trends we’re researching that may lead to what we think are compelling investment opportunities (25:18)
  • How Polen factors in pressure from interest rates, inflation & currency movements for companies operating globally (30:10)
  • What do we see as the biggest potential risk to the Global Growth & Global SMID Company Growth portfolios now? (33:57)
  • Our thoughts on valuations (pricing opportunities or selling pressure) inside & outside of the U.S. (40:27)
  • How does this environment compare to other volatility events Polen’s managed & invested through? (43:06)
  • Closing remarks & final thoughts (43:53)

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We’re much more focused on a business’ long-term ability to deliver, versus what the share price did in a short period of time.

—Damon Ficklin, Head of team & Portfolio Manager

Important Disclosures
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