Beyond Fundamentals: Sustainable Growth & Transformation with Accenture

Watch Dan Davidowitz, Portfolio Manager & Analyst at Polen Capital, in conversation with Julie Sweet, Chair & CEO of Accenture

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In our Beyond Fundamentals series, Polen Capital’s investment team sits down with leaders driving transformational change for their businesses. We discuss the big topics on their minds and examine the new sources of competitive advantage.

In this episode, Polen Focus Growth Portfolio Manager Dan Davidowitz explores what environmental, social and governance (ESG) means to Julie Sweet, Chair & CEO of Accenture, and how her company is navigating the path to a more sustainable future.

Conversation Highlights

  • Understanding ESG through the lens of responsibility, results, and talent (1:20)
  • Accenture’s “Fundamental Five” approach to defining stakeholders and balancing their needs (7:52)
  • The importance of helping clients achieve their sustainability goals (14:32)
  • Impediments that may prevent ESG laggards from making more progress (17:30)
  • The never-ending quest to become a more diverse organization (19:38)

We believe that the best talent wants to go to a company that both creates value and leads with values.

—Julie Sweet, Chair & CEO of Accenture

Download the full interview transcript here →

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