Podcast: Stan Moss Talks Leadership Strategies for Building Trust

Polen’s CEO discusses how intentionality is critical to building a culture of performance, accountability & transparency

Podcast Highlights

Polen Capital CEO Stan Moss joined David Horsager, host of the Trusted Leader Show, to discuss leadership strategies and how to create a “high-trust” culture.

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  • Intentionality is the key to a healthy culture. Stan discusses how Polen Capital evolved from a “command and control” leadership style to one that prizes autonomy and trust. But culture change doesn’t just happen on its own – leaders must be intentional about it.
  • What you measure is what gets done. When there is clarity and rigor on key performance indicators (KPIs), employees know what success looks like and understand what they need to do. If they fall off track, it’s incumbent on their managers to provide coaching and guidance.
  • Communicate frequently. Skilled leaders reinforce important messages with consistency and repetition. Stan describes how he and the Polen leadership team put this into practice.
  • Learning is a competitive advantage. Stan explains the importance of continuous learning, which leads to mastery and humility.
  • Taking time to care for yourself can drive better outcomes. Effective leadership means carving out time to be your best self. Stan describes his daily routine, which includes physical exercise and uninterrupted time to think and plan.

Learning compounds, just like interest compounds.

—Stan C. Moss, Chief Executive Officer

Listen to the full Trusted Leader Show podcast here →

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