Polen Perspectives Webinar: Widening the Lens on Markets & Growth

Watch as Polen Focus Growth Portfolio Manager Dan Davidowitz joins a candid conversation on markets & growth

We know these markets can test the resolve of even the most experienced investment professionals, and we’re here to support you. In this Polen Perspectives webinar, Portfolio Manager & Analyst Dan Davidowitz, CFA shares his observations on the current market environment, how we’re thinking about companies and their growth prospects today and longer term, plus why widening the lens could offer additional perspective in uncertain times.

Webinar Q&A Highlights

  • Opening remarks & introduction (0:06)
  • Potential impact of rising interest rates & higher inflation on the Polen Focus Growth Portfolio (2:00)
  • What’s our view on the earnings outlook for holdings in the broader consumer space? (5:44)
  • Possible direct or indirect impact of the war in Ukraine on Polen Focus Growth Portfolio companies (7:17)
  • Are there any macro headlines impacting markets today we think cause any genuine concern? (8:44)
  • Potential impact of elevated valuations on Polen’s ability to find businesses with attractive multiples (10:44)
  • Examples of valuation opportunities & price advantages as a result of volatility in early 2022 (13:20)
  • Insight into the current state & potential earnings growth for the Polen Focus Growth Portfolio (15:42)
  • Rationale behind our decision to hold sizeable portfolio positions in Meta platforms & Netflix (17:38)
  • What’s our view on trends in digital payments given the portfolio exposure to Visa & MasterCard? (25:31)
  • Benefits we see from software as a service (SaaS) companies in the Polen Focus Growth Portfolio (31:59)
  • How might we expect the portfolio to perform in a recessionary period or stagflation environment? (34:47)
  • Possible impact of globalization- the world being “less global”- on Polen’s Focus Growth strategy (37:01)
  • Has recent U.S. large-cap equity underperformance changed the dynamic in the space? (40:16)
  • As long-term investors, does the top-heavy Russell 1000 Growth Index influence our weightings? (45:42)
  • Views on price to earnings (P/E) ratios of Polen Focus Growth companies relative to peers (49:11)

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  • Our thoughts on a tech-driven fourth Industrial Revolution as a super cycle driving markets (52:17)
  • Key takeaway and single most important message we’re sharing with clients as the markets are in flux (54:43)
  • Closing remarks & final thoughts (56:55)

We’re laser focused on businesses–competitive advantages, growth opportunities & ability to generate returns–in any environment.

—Dan Davidowitz, CFA & Portfolio Manager

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The Russell 1000® Growth Index is a market capitalization weighted index that measures the performance of the large-cap growth segment of the U.S. equity universe. It includes Russell 1000® Index companies with higher price-to-book ratios and higher forecasted growth values. The index is maintained by the FTSE Russell, a subsidiary of the London Stock Exchange Group.