Polen Perspectives: Protecting & Growing Client Capital Post-COVID

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With concerns about inflation rising, the threat of increased regulation persisting, and the growth vs. value debate continuing, investors today are faced with a number of market challenges. Watch portfolio managers Dan Davidowitz, CFA, Todd Morris, and Rayna Lesser Hannaway, CFA as they share their perspectives on positioning portfolios for growth globally and across the cap spectrum in a post-COVID era. They also answer questions from the audience.

Q&A Highlights

  • Introduction and welcome (0:09)
  • Polling Question: What’s the #1 concern on clients’ minds right now? (4:33)
  • Views on inflation levels in the U.S. and the potential impact on investment portfolios. (6:21)
  • Perspectives on price to earnings ratios and how they factor into valuations over the long term. (10:39)
  • Growth stocks have outperformed value stocks over the last decade – has the reopening of the economy created a reversion to the mean? (17:45)
  • How has digital disruption accelerated tailwinds and created long-term investment opportunities in a post-COVID era? (23:16)
  • Has the current environment changed the way investment teams view certain industries or companies considered for the portfolios? (25:44)
  • Are there any significant risks related to international investing as a result of the current environment? (27:30)
  • Views on industry regulations, like technology, outside the U.S. and the investment outlook for both global and emerging markets. (29:26)
  • Thoughts about the potential for Chinese stocks to be listed in the U.S. market given the current political climate. (34:47)
  • Given the increase in media visibility, how does ESG (environmental, social, governance) factor into Polen Capital’s investment process? (36:44)
  • With the rise of nationalism and populism, what might be the short- and long-term geopolitical implications on capital markets? (41:11)
  • Views on the recent changes to fiscal policy, specifically the increases in tax rates, related to any current holdings and future investments. (44:56)
  • As a fundamental investor, what are different ways to evaluate the financials of companies outside the U.S., especially in emerging markets? (46:38)
  • Key takeaways and closing remarks (48:16)

Important Disclosures
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