Emerging Markets Growth Team

We build active, concentrated portfolios that offer differentiated exposure to emerging markets, applying a long-term lens to seek the best opportunities across the spectrum.

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Expertise & Collaboration

Independent, curious thinking drives our team. Each member contributes as a research analyst and has a voice, helping to build group knowledge and insights.


Location: Hong Kong and London, UK 
Head of Team: Damian Bird, Portfolio Manager & Analyst 
Average Team Member Experience: 17 years (as of 03-31-2024) 

Our Investment Philosophy

High-Quality Growth Companies

Concentrated Portfolios

Long-Term Horizon

Independent Mindset



Our Strategic Approach

Polen Emerging Markets Growth Stock Selection Process

We invest independently of benchmark allocations, seeking companies with difficult-to-replicate competitive advantages. With a business-owner’s mindset, we conduct deep, on-the-ground due diligence to identify attractive investment opportunities. We focus on themes of domestic consumption, economic catch-up, and digitalization—all in pursuit of growth and long-term staying power.

The Compounding Machine

Competitively Advantaged Businesses
  • Wide and sustainable competitive moats
  • High return on invested capital (ROIC)
Structural Growth Opportunities
  • Long term growth runway
  • Opportunities to continuously reinvest capital at high rates of return
Trustworthy Stewards of Capital
  • Strategically focused management
  • Aligned with shareholder interests
  • Robust track record of capital allocation
Self-Financed Growth & Robust Balance Sheets
  • Attractive cash flows
  • Not reliant on external debt or equity financing

There is no guarantee that companies included in the Portfolio will exhibit all of these qualities. This information is not intended to be construed to equate to the expected or projected future performance/returns of a Polen Capital investment or portfolio.

The Polen Emerging Markets Growth strategies typically hold 25 to 40 companies that the portfolio management team feels are the highest-quality growth names. Examples as of 03/31/2024 include:

Anta is a leading sportswear company in China that operates a tiered multi-brand portfolio. This portfolio includes leading Chinese and established global sportswear brands. The success of Anta is built on a deep knowledge of the Chinese consumer, consistent operational execution, an asset-light structure and strong control and visibility over its supply chain. This typically results in leading operating margins and returns. We believe future growth will be driven by market share gains and the growing importance of wellness as Chinese consumers move up the income ladder.

Dino is a Polish supermarket chain, operating standardized local discount stores. Unlike its peers, Dino focuses purely on the rural Polish consumer, a format which has remained unchanged since its founder refined the formula in 2010. Since listing in 2017, store numbers, sales, and earnings have compounded at healthy rates, while averaging a return on invested capital of close to 20%. Continued growth is expected to be driven by further store expansion, shifts in consumer behaviour, market share gains and increasing returns on capital as the store base matures.

dLocal is a payments processing company headquartered in Uruguay. It focuses on processing online payments for large, multinational enterprise customers in Emerging Markets, enabling them to seamlessly make and receive payments in over 35 countries in any currency. Solving this has enabled the business to grow rapidly to a Total Processing Volume of over US $10bn in 2022, just six years after its formation. This exceptional growth has been self-funded and low marginal operating costs leads to an attractive margin structure. Additionally, serving as a digital intermediary means capital intensity is low, which drives strong cash flow generation. We expect the business to continue to compound over the coming years.

Investing in emerging markets requires a long-term framework. It is over many years that billions will escape from poverty, cities will rise to the sky, and corporate champions will develop.

Damian Bird
Head of Team, Portfolio Manager & Analyst

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