Going beyond with the Polen Small Company Growth Team

Our Small Company Growth strategies are driven by the concept of disruption with discipline. We believe that in order to capitalize on the opportunity set in the small- and mid-cap categories, we must employ a thoughtful approach to investing by looking to the long-term and structuring our portfolios with innovative companies we view as well-positioned for the future.

Core to our philosophy, we target companies that strategically invest in culture, talent, organizational agility and innovation that have the potential to achieve long-lasting success. By seeking disruptive business models through a highly-disciplined process, we are able to create concentrated portfolios of our “best-idea” companies that we believe can stand the test of time.

Expertise, Experience & Analysis

The Polen Small Company Growth team is comprised of seasoned analysts who utilize a team-based selection process that focuses on close collaboration to research and identify opportunities that we believe are primed for longevity and success in their investment space.

Located: Boston, MA
Head of Team: Rayna Lesser Hannaway, CFA, Portfolio Manager & Analyst
Average Team Member Experience: 16 years

Our Investment Philosophy

  • Concentrated Portfolio: High Active Share + Best Ideas
  • Risk Management: Durable Business + Sustainable Competitive Advantage
  • Hold Period: Long-Term Time Arbitrage
  • Outcome Orientation: Absolute Return Mentality

Meet the Team

  • Philosophy

  • People

  • Process

We seek companies that offer infinite opportunities through long-term compounding, and believe this combined with our collaborative, team-based approach can provide great advantages for our clients.

—Rayna Lesser Hannaway, CFA
Head of Team, Portfolio Manager & Analyst

Polen Small Company Growth Strategies

U.S. Equity, Small Cap

Polen U.S. Small Company Growth

Number of holdings: 25-35

U.S. Equity, SMID Cap

Polen U.S. SMID Company Growth

Number of holdings: 25-35

Global Equity, SMID Cap

Polen Global SMID Company Growth

Number of holdings: 25-35

International Equity, Small Cap

Polen International Small Company Growth

Number of holdings: 25-35

Our Strategic Approach

Polen Small Company Growth Stock Selection Process

Our Small Company Growth Team selects stocks through a distinctive Flywheel approach, focused on identifying investments that display a specific set of strategic elements that we consider essential to long-term value generation. Each company we assess endures a rigorous research process, and we must believe they meet all five flywheel criteria to be chosen as an investment.

There is no guarantee that companies included in the Portfolio will exhibit all of these qualities.

Small Company Growth Flywheel Framework Explained (PDF) →

The Polen Small Company strategies typically hold 25 to 35 companies that the team feels are the highest-quality growth names. Examples as of 06/30/2022 include:

Yeti is a widely recognized and respected leading outdoor lifestyle brand. Its products are renowned for performance and quality and garner a premium price versus competing products. It thoughtfully protects the authenticity of its brand, while also investing to grow into new geographies, sales channels, and product innovations. We think Yeti’s shift to an increasingly direct-to-consumer model will drive ongoing growth in margins and sales.

Duck Creek Technologies is a SaaS (Software as a Service) provider of core systems software for the Property & Casualty insurance industry. Core systems software power some of the carriers’ most critical operations, and we believe Duck Creek has few real competitors. We believe we are in the early stages of a multi-decade adoption cycle of Duck Creek’s solutions in a global market.

Euronext is a European market leader in cash trading, equity listings, bond trading, and debt listings across capital markets in Europe. We believe it is a high-quality, volumes-based business that can perform well across various market environments. Its strategically oriented management team has a value-accretive M&A track record of expanding into new markets and geographies.

As the pioneer and first mover in the premium mixer category, Fever-Tree has built a strong brand, expertise, global footprint, and track record that no other premium brand has been able to match. It distributes its mixers in over 70 countries and holds leading market share in the U.S. and U.K. By outsourcing its capital-intensive processes to strategic local partners, it can use the resulting high margins and cash flow to reinvest in growth opportunities.

Recent Small Company Growth Perspectives

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A Collaborative & Research Driven Team

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Absolute Return: is the percent amount that an asset rises or declines in value in a given period. Active Share: is a measure of the percentage of stock holdings in a manager’s portfolio that differs from the benchmark index. Excess Return: returns achieved above and beyond the return of a benchmark.