Going beyond with the Polen Large Company Growth Team

Our Large Company Growth strategies are based on a high-conviction, quality mindset, and our efforts are focused on both growth and capital preservation. With disciplined, unemotional selling criteria and risk mitigation guardrails underpinning our process, we seek to identify quality companies that we believe are positioned for long-term sustainable growth and continuously re-evaluate these companies with an objective lens.

We are driven by our pursuit for what we believe is our best idea companies, following a rigorous screening and iterative deep-dive research process, going beyond fundamentals to invest across the growth spectrum, and focusing on our goal of delivering consistent, risk-minded returns.

Expertise, Experience & Analysis

The Polen Large Company Growth Team is a diverse group where every member serves as an equity analyst. The team has deep experience with stock selection, uses a highly collaborative and disciplined research and management process, and focuses on our best ideas to identify and maintain concentrated portfolios of what we believe are the highest quality companies worldwide.

Located: Boca Raton, FL
Head of Team: Damon Ficklin, Portfolio Manager & Analyst
Average Team Member Experience: 16 years (as of 06-30-2023)

Our Investment Philosophy

  • Concentrated Portfolio: High Active Share + Best Ideas Portfolio
  • Risk Management: Don’t Lose Mentality
  • Hold Period: Long-Term Time Arbitrage
  • Outcome Orientation: “Weighing Machine vs. Voting Machine”

Meet the Team

  • Philosophy

  • People

  • Process

We are committed to pursuing a high conviction strategy designed to add value and grow the assets of our clients over the long term.

—Damon Ficklin, Head of Team, Portfolio Manager & Analyst

Polen Large Company Growth Strategies

U.S. Equity, Large Cap

Polen Focus Growth

Number of holdings: 20-30

Global Equity, Large Cap

Polen Global Growth

Number of holdings: 25-35

International Equity, Large Cap

Polen International Growth

Number of holdings: 25-35

Our Time-Tested Approach

Polen Large Company Growth Stock Selection Process

The Large Company Growth Team selects stocks through its time-tested process, which has been  fine-tuned over three decades and utilizes in-depth research and stringent guardrails for objective screening and monitoring. Our efforts focus on identifying and keeping only what we have identified to be our best ideas that demonstrate competitive advantages and sustainable growth potential across long-term time horizons.  


The Polen Large Company Growth strategies typically hold 20 to 35 companies that the portfolio management team feels are the highest-quality growth names. Examples as of 06/30/2023 include:

Adobe is the market leader in digital and creative software solutions. With low leverage, high profitability, high recurring revenues, and a capital-light business model, Adobe continues to strengthen its value proposition as a mission-critical partner to governments and enterprises. The need for a digital-first customer experience is accelerating, in our view, and we expect the demand for Adobe’s services to increase.

LVMH is a collection of some of the world’s largest luxury brands, including Louis Vuitton, and other global megabrands like Celine, Christian Dior, Dom Perignon, Bulgari, Sephora, and Tiffany. Our research indicates the company enjoys multiple competitive advantages that reinforce each other, including significant scale, a well-honed playbook for nurturing and growing brands, and irreplicable brand heritage. We believe demand will remain resilient and that continued growth in omnichannel luxury shopping will support market share gains.

MercadoLibre operates Latin America’s leading e-commerce website and digital wallet, and we believe the company has a compelling growth runway. E-commerce and consumer finance are underpenetrated among the nearly 400 million citizens across its three largest markets: Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico, and MercadoLibre has steadily expanded its reach with new services for both merchants and consumers.

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Recent Large Company Growth Perspectives

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A Collaborative & Research Driven Team

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Active Share: is a measure of the percentage of stock holdings in a manager’s portfolio that differs from the benchmark index. “Weighing Machine vs. Voting Machine”: In the short term, the market might be swayed by various factors like news and sentiment, and act like a “voting machine” or a popularity contest. Long term, the market will factor in the fundamentals and act like a weighing machine, and primarily reflect the corporate earnings trajectory.