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Polen Capital is a Proud 2023 Premium Sponsor

Our commitment to trustee education initiatives and sharing valuable thought capital has led us to collaborate with the FPPTA for over ten years.

Who We Are

Polen Capital is a global investment manager headquartered in Southeast Florida, specializing in managing growth equity and high-yield strategies. We are proud to serve clients representing every investor type for over 30 years, including public pension plans.

We are passionate about our mission to protect and grow capital while identifying attractive opportunities to invest in what we see as the most competitively advantaged businesses worldwide. We adhere to a time-tested process of researching and selecting the companies we hold in our concentrated portfolios. We invest for the long haul and with a business owner’s mindset.

(*As of 06-30-2023. Asset figures include discretionary as well as nondiscretionary assets.)

Assets Under Management*
Florida Public Plan Clients*

Our Equity Investment Philosophy

We invest in companies that our rigorous, bottom-up research indicates have sustainable competitive advantages, superior financial strength, proven management teams, and powerful products or services.

In our view, consistent earnings growth is the primary driver of intrinsic value and long-term stock appreciation. Accordingly, our efforts focus on identifying and then building concentrated portfolios of companies we believe can deliver sustainable, above-average earnings growth over the long term.

  • Concentrated Portfolio: High Active Share + Best Ideas
  • Risk Management: Durable Business + Sustainable Competitive Advantage
  • Hold Period: Long-Term Time Arbitrage
  • Outcome Orientation: Absolute Return Mentality

Featured Strategies

U.S. Equity, Large Cap

Polen Focus Growth

Number of holdings: 20-30

International Equity, Large Cap

Polen International Growth

Number of holdings: 25-35

U.S. Equity, Small Cap

Polen U.S. Small Company Growth

Number of holdings: 25-45

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