Our Why

Our clients and our community drive every decision we make. Working for real people and helping them to achieve their hopes, dreams and financial goals is what motivates us to give our absolute best day in and day out. This is our why. The investors we serve are the reason we go beyond what’s expected, because we know how important it is to deliver a secure future to the people who have given us their trust. Our Polen Why Wall showcases the real people we have the pleasure of working for and who benefit from our investment results and service. The firefighters who invest in their pension plans, corporate teams around the globe who invest in their company’s retirement plan, the families that put their life-savings in one of the Polen strategies—their photos and stories are our passion and the reason we go above and beyond their expectations.

Going Beyond →

We’re a team of experienced investment industry professionals who share an unwavering commitment to our clients, investors, community and each other.

Culture →

We’re passionate about making a meaningful difference in the lives of investors entrusting us with their financial well-being.

Community →

We are committed as a team of individuals to pursuing the betterment of communities and the environment in which we work and live.