Triple C-Rated Corporate Bonds & Loans: Seeking Hidden Gems

Knowledge, skill & patience are required to effectively screen opportunities & separate the valuable from the worthless

Triple Cs Under the Microscope

The dream of finding buried treasure has fascinated humans for centuries. Fortune seekers have scoured the earth’s lands and oceans to find diamonds and other precious stones hiding beneath the surface. It can be an arduous task to identify and isolate these commodities from the mineral ore encasing them.

In our view, the prospector’s task is similar to active investing in non-investment grade (also known as “high yield”) bonds and loans, particularly the corporate debt instruments that carry a “triple C” rating. This paper explores the potential rewards and pitfalls of investing in this space.

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Key Highlights

  • A credit rating captures only one element of the risk profile of a corporate debt instrument.
  • Where an investment is made in a corporate capital structure is a major consideration, but determining its treatment within the priority of payment queue in the event of a default is not always straightforward.
  • Augmenting fundamental analysis with legal and structural analysis is critical to identifying attractive opportunities and fully understanding the risk/reward components of an investment.

Companies rated CCC due to elevated current leverage but with a strong growth profile & high cash flow generation can grow into their capital structure & reduce their debt over time.

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