Polen U.S. Opportunistic High Yield

Average Yield
Effective Duration
1.63 years
YTD Return (Net)
As of 06-30-2023
Inception Date

Investment Objective

Our U.S. Opportunistic High Yield strategy seeks to outperform a broad-based U.S. high yield index with similar or lower risk over a full credit cycle.

Why Invest in Polen U.S. Opportunistic High Yield?

  • U.S. high yield strategy with a strong emphasis on due diligence and margin of safety
  • Concentrated, high-conviction portfolio
  • Private equity style investment approach with a focus on loan-to-value
  • Long holding periods that aim to deliver a compounding yield advantage

A High Conviction Approach

We strive to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns by employing a disciplined, bottom-up, fundamentally-oriented investment process with a strict adherence to downside protection. Through rigorous due diligence with a strong emphasis on margin of safety, we believe that we can construct concentrated portfolios that can outperform broad high yield indices over a full credit cycle.

Product Profile

Number of Issuers 70-90
Style High Yield
Benchmark ICE BofA U.S. High Yield Index

Experience in High Yield Investing

Dave Breazzano
Head of Team, Portfolio Manager, US High Yield
43 years of experience
Ben Santonelli
Portfolio Manager, US High Yield
19 years of experience
John Sherman
Portfolio Manager, US High Yield
19 years of experience

Related Perspectives

Seeks Growth & Capital Preservation (%)

Data shown (%) as of recent calendar quarter end. The performance data quoted represents past performance and does not guarantee future results. Current performance may be lower or higher. Periods over one year are annualized. The gross performance returns for the Polen Credit Opportunistic High Yield Composite set forth above are presented gross of all fees except for trading expenses, deal-related legal expenses, and withholding taxes. Net returns reflect the application of actual management and performance-based fees to gross returns. Returns are provided as supplemental information and complement a GIPS Composite report.

Top Ten Holdings (% NAV Weight)

Credit Quality Allocation (% of Portfolio)

Debt Type Allocation (% of Portfolio)

Portfolio Characteristics

Polen Capital Credit, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Polen Capital Management, LLC, is an investment adviser registered with the SEC. Please find Polen Capital Credit, LLC ‘s Form ADV linked here.

Polen Capital Credit, LLC claims compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS). This presentation is supplemental information to the fully compliant GIPS Composite Report performance disclosure on the Materials tab.

All performance is calculated in US Dollars. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

The ICE BofA U.S. High Yield Index is a broad unmanaged high yield index that consists primarily of bonds and notes rated BB or lower and excludes financials. The index does not include any private (non-144A) obligations, convertible bonds, and preferred and common equity. The volatility and other material characteristics of the indices referenced may be materially different from the performance achieved. Holdings of portfolios pursuing the strategy may be materially different from those within the index. Indices are unmanaged.

Holdings are subject to change. The top holdings, as well as other data, are as of the period indicated and should not be considered a recommendation to purchase, hold, or sell any particular security. There is no assurance that any of the securities noted will remain in a portfolio at the time you receive this fact sheet. Actual holding and percentage allocation in individual client portfolios may vary and are subject to change. It should not be assumed that any of the holdings discussed were or will prove to be profitable or that the investment recommendations or decisions we make in the future will be profitable. A list of all securities held in this portfolio in the prior year is available upon request.

All portfolio characteristics set forth above are based on a representative account within the Polen Credit Opportunistic High Yield Composite that Polen Credit has deemed the most representative of the accounts managed by Polen Credit pursuing the Opportunistic High Yield Composite investment strategy. Contractual investment guidelines and length of track record are the most important factors in determining a representative account for the Polen Credit Opportunistic High Yield Composite strategy. The characteristics are included as supplemental information and complement a GIPS Composite Report.

Portfolio characteristics are shown as of the stated date. There can be no guarantee that the portfolio will exhibit identical or similar characteristics to those shown at any future time of investment. Investments are subject to risks, including the possibility that the value of any investment (and income derived thereof (if any)) can increase, decrease, or in some cases, be entirely lost and investors may not get back the amount originally invested. This document does not identify all the risks (direct or indirect) or other considerations which might be material to you when entering any financial transaction. The views and strategies described may not be suitable for all clients.

Alpha: the excess return of an investment relative to the return of the benchmark. Beta: the measure of systemic risk of a portfolio in comparison to the market as a whole. Downside Capture: a statistical measure of overall performance relative to a benchmark during declining markets. Information Ratio: a measurement of portfolio returns relative to a given benchmark. Risk-Adjusted Return: a calculation of the profit or potential profit from an investment that considers the degree of risk that must be accepted in order to achieve it. Sharpe Ratio: a ratio of the return on an investment relative to its risk. Standard Deviation: measurement of the dispersion or volatility of investment returns relative to its mean or average. Upside Capture: a statistical measure of overall performance relative to a benchmark during rising markets.

Average Rating: The average rating characteristic is calculated Polen Capital. It is not an S&P credit rating or a rating issued from a ratings agency, and is not a credit opinion. Average Blended Yield: is a market value-weighted average of (i) for securities trading at or above par, yield to worst for bonds, and yield to three-year take out for loans, and (ii) for bonds and loans trading at a discount, yield to maturity. With respect to the benchmark, yield is shown as yield to worst. Average Price: a market value weighted average price calculated only for the fixed income portion of the account. Adjusted Effective Duration: statistic provided is calculated by taking a weighted average of (i) modified duration to next reset date for all floating rate instruments, and (ii) effective duration for all fixed coupon instruments. With respect to the benchmark, duration is shown as effective duration. Loan-to-Value (LTV): is defined as the market value of the reference class of debt in which a portfolio has invested at time of purchase, divided by the intrinsic value of the issuer.