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Are You Under Allocated to Emerging Markets?

We currently see a potentially advantageous entry point for long-term-oriented investors.

Emerging Markets: Bright Spots on the Horizon

Over the past decade, emerging markets have not disappointed on the growth front, accounting for almost two-thirds of the world’s gross domestic product (GDP) growth. Hence, emerging markets today represent a crucial engine of global economic growth, with incomes following the upward trajectory witnessed in much of the developing world years ago.

While emerging markets have experienced a surge in economic growth rates, rising incomes, and larger profit pools, the market has ignored these supportive fundamental metrics for the past years. As a result, this has created an exciting valuation for EM equities. 

In addition to the historically attractive valuations seen today across EM equities, we are equally impressed by the leading companies we see across the investable universe that we believe can benefit from the unique secular opportunities of these nations, such as urbanization, income growth and technological advancement. 

In our view, some of the most significant future winners across the space include companies harnessing the power across many of these markets and delivering positive outcomes through the cycle.

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While emerging market countries have delivered on their side of the growth bargain year after year, their respective equity markets have trailed behind, resulting in a potentially advantageous entry point for long-term-oriented investors.

Damian Bird, CFA
Head of Team, Portfolio Manager & Analyst

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