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Fireside Chat with Focus Growth’s Dan Davidowitz

Quarter-end update discussing factors that impacted the Focus Growth Portfolio & what long-term opportunities may lie ahead

In this webinar, Polen Focus Growth Portfolio Manager Dan Davidowitz covers the factors that impacted the Focus Growth Portfolio in the first quarter. He shares thoughts on top portfolio contributors and detractors, geopolitical issues, and why the team is optimistic. 

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Webinar Chapters

  • 0:50 – Portfolio Performance Update
  • 4:00 – Macro Environment and Impact on Portfolio Construction
  • 6:20 – Consumer Discretionary Spending and Sector Analysis
  • 10:50 – Contributors and Detractors: Amazon and Adobe
  • 17:28 – NVIDIA and Outlook for Generative AI Market
  • 26:10 – Healthcare: Zoetis, ThermoFisher, and Abbott
  • 29:07 – Portfolio Addition: PayCom
  • 36:37 – Exited Position: PayPal
  • 42:35 – Current Market Valuations 
  • 45:48 – Portfolio Earnings Growth 

Big enterprise customers buy a huge amount of GPU capacity. They hope to fill up that capacity with customer demand, and they buy more as it starts to get filled. Right now, there's a tremendous amount of capacity being built, but we don't know exactly what the demand is going to look like.

Dan Davidowitz, CFA
Focus Growth Portfolio Manager

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