Going beyond with the Polen High Yield Team

We are a specialized credit investment team that builds concentrated, actively managed portfolios of bonds and loans. Our goal is to deliver compelling investment returns over full market cycles by identifying areas of the leveraged credit market where we believe inefficiency signals opportunity. Our investment strategies are backed by extensive, bottom-up, fundamental research.

Our active, high-conviction approach aims to create a significant and durable yield advantage. By focusing on the companies that our research indicates have a margin of safety and the potential to grow into their balance sheets, we seek to reduce risk and amplify the benefits of yield premium compounding.

Expertise, Experience & Analysis

The Polen High Yield Team is comprised of proven credit specialists who apply a collaborative approach to strategy and security selection, focused on fundamental research and discerning analysis.

Located: Waltham, MA
Head of Team: David Breazzano
Average Team Member Experience: 18 years (as of 03-31-2023)

Our Investment Philosophy

  • Concentrated Portfolio: High-Conviction + Best Ideas
  • Risk Management: Margin of Safety Through Diligence
  • Hold Period: Compounding of Long-Term Yield Premium
  • Mispriced Risk: Structural inefficiencies create opportunities for active management
  • Flexibility: Investing across bonds and loans to capitalize on relative value opportunities

We believe non-investment grade, middle-market companies exist in an inefficient area of the market, providing us with a source of attractive investment opportunities.

—David Breazzano, Head of Team, Portfolio Manager

Polen High Yield Strategies

U.S. Fixed Income, High Yield

Polen U.S. Opportunistic High Yield

Number of issuers: 70-90

U.S. Fixed Income, High Yield

Polen Upper Tier U.S. High Yield

Number of issuers: 80-110

U.S. Fixed Income, Bank Loan

Polen Bank Loan

Number of issuers: 60-90

U.S. Fixed Income, High Yield

Polen Total Return Credit

Number of issuers: 25-45

Our Strategic Approach

High Yield Investment Philosophy

We strive to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns by employing a disciplined, bottom-up, fundamentally-oriented investment process with a strict adherence to downside protection. Through rigorous due diligence with a strong emphasis on margin of safety, we believe that we can construct concentrated portfolios that can outperform broad high yield indices over a full credit cycle.

  • We focus on identifying mispriced risk within the inefficient segments of the high yield market, where rating agency biases may create opportunities for discerning investors.
  • Our focused coverage and long-term mindset enables our team of sector specialists to dedicate significant time and effort to monitoring existing investments and managing downside risk.
  • We assess risk-reward through “loan-to-value” analysis and perform thorough legal due diligence, which is augmented by our in-house transactional attorney.

High Yield Investment Process

1: Leveraged Credit Universe 2: Sourcing 3: First Pass 4: Deep Dive 5: Portfolio Construction 6: Active Monitoring
1: Leveraged Credit Universe
  • 2,000+ issuers of high yield bonds, syndicated loans, and private debt
2: Sourcing
  • Secondary debt securities
  • Select primary issues
  • Originate other investment opportunities
3: First Pass
  • Classify investment thesis
  • Sound initial risk-versus-reward
  • Strong downside protection
4: Deep Dive
  • Validate investment thesis
  • Due diligence and competitive analysis
  • Strong loan-to-value and legal protections
  • ESG factors evaluated
5: Portfolio Construction
  • Disciplined accumulation
  • Overweight high-confidence positions
  • Long-term investment mentality
6: Active Monitoring
  • Regularly challenge thesis
  • Adjust position weightings
  • Proactive credit management
Office Worker Triple C-Rated Bond & Loan Hidden Gems

Recent High Yield Perspectives

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A Collaborative & Research Driven Team

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